COVID-19 Reopening

Thank you to all of our customers for being patient during the Stay At Home order in Washington State. We are anxiously waiting to have all of you back at our Red Mountain location for tasting and dining. Benton County applied to move into Phase 2 and the proposal has been postponed due to high number of COVID-19 cases in the Benton County District. Until we are able to move into Phase 2, we are able to do wine pick-ups, club pick-ups and meals to go. We have set up our facility to meet Washington State’s guidelines for a safe re-open and have new wine releases, menu items, and the gift shop restocked. We can’t wait to get our customers back in the winery!

Once we are in Phase 2 in Benton County, we will be ready to have you back enjoying the wine, food and views Terra Blanca has to offer! In order to keep a safe, spatial experience for the customers, we have listed below the precautions we will have in place for an approved tasting and dining experience. With these precautions we ask guests to respect the guidelines put in place in order to keep you, our staff and other guests safe here at Terra Blanca.



phase 2 winery precautions

  • The winery will operate at 50% capacity.
  • All tables inside the facility as well as outside will be sectioned to 6 feet a part.
  • Handles, knobs and other frequently touched items in the winery will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day.
  • Doors and walkways will be left clear and open during operating hours to increase tasting room and ballroom ventilation.
  • Terra Blanca Staff will be wearing facial masks.
  • Our in-house Hand and Surface Sanitizer will be available for use at the winery entrance, and around the facility.


  • Tastings will be taking place at seated tables, no bar tasting.
  • Seated tastings will be taking place in our tasting room and ballroom.
  • All flight sheets will be one-time use.
  • Reservations for seated tastings are recommended and will be given priority for seating. We will accommodate walk-ins as availability allows.
  • Groups of 5 or less will be allowed to do a seated tasting.

eating at the grill

  • The Vineyard Grill seating will be on the terrace.
  • All menus will be one-time use or in digital form accessible via QR codes.
  • Vineyard Grill reservations are recommended, and will be given first priority for seating. We will accommodate walk-ins as availability allows.
  • Condiments will be removed from Vineyard Grill tables and available upon request.
  • Groups of 5 or less will be allowed to eat at the Vineyard Grill.

Hand & surface sanitizer


Terra Blanca has been producing Hand & Surface Sanitizer since early March 2020 for Health Departments, Hospitals, First Responders, and critical food processing facilities throughout the Northwest to assist in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. We are making this sanitizer in accordance with the World Health Organization-approved formulation which contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol.  This sanitizer is blended and bottled at our Red Mountain winery, supporting the local community.  We initially packaged this sanitizer in a somewhat non-traditional package, wine bottles, but additional options are now available!